Prime Contractor: Cushman & Wakefield (Performed as DWH Strategic Advisors LLC)
Client: Metrolinx
Date: December 2014
Location: Toronto, ON

• As a function of its historic service expansions, Metrolinx owns a
large real estate portfolio, including 60 GO Train stations and 70 nonstation
real estate assets.
• DWH (and project partners Cushman & Wakefield – the lead team which included Dr.
Charles Warren — Urban Strategies, and McCormick Rankin) were retained to complete
a review of the development and revenue generation potential of the entire Metrolinx real estate portfolio.
• Create a data-driven and standardized approach to asset
monetization of surplus land and developable opportunities in the
Metrolinx portfolio.
• DWH was responsible for proposing processes, committee makeup,
and decision-making procedures that balance the dynamic tension
between development, operations, and stakeholders.
• The team completed a systematic appraisal of all vacant parcels,
surplus land, and redevelopment opportunities for land and assets
own by Metrolinx.
• Prioritized properties for development and delivered a framework for
sustainable and ongoing real estate revenue generation
• Recommended financing and ownership structures, organizational
roles and responsibilities, and developed an implementation plan

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