Quantitative Methods for Livable Places

CityStream Solutions was founded in 2018 to address complex planning problems currently faced in urban areas. Our mission is to help increase the amount of responsible urban infill development in the United States and around the world. And we do this by using the newest data technologies and analytics to facilitate public discussion and support decision making.


Public transit with value-capture policies


Demographics, economics, and real estate


Long-term planning and portfolio optimization

Transit-Oriented Development

CityStream’s real estate strategies advise transit providers on ways to leverage urban design to increase ridership, guide cities to accelerate economic development, and incentivize the real estate industry to make positive contributions to the built environment. We align project design, operating partnerships, and value-capture policies to benefit all stakeholders—including the public—in transit-oriented development.

Our market demand and real estate development forecasts enable financing of infrastructure and transportation capital investments by leveraging value-capture and public-private partnerships. We work diligently to find the taxation policies, partnership arrangements, and capital structures that maximize return and mitigate risk.

Spatial Analytics

CityStream focuses on mining insights from the most relevant data to give our clients guidance in smart decision-making. Using various information sources, such as demographic and economic data, we can provide quantitative estimates and projections of the amount, timing, and value that future real estate development can generate. Our public sector, real estate, and retail industry reports include supply and demand research, demographic and economic growth projections, highest and best use analysis, feasibility tests, and pro forma financial modeling. We can also conduct market research studies and incorporate the results to answer specific questions that identify and target specific audiences.

Strategic Planning

Whether you are a city exploring a new vision, a real estate investor, or a retailer with brick and mortar portfolio questions, CityStream has extensive experience in providing unique analysis and producing information that enables informed decision-making by innovating on strategy and structure. We filter through all possible courses of action, delivering apples-to-apples comparison of the most viable options that accomplish your goals.

Clarifying which strategy will maximize value and mitigate risk, CityStream maintains an unyielding commitment to cost efficiency and optimizing asset performance. We help clients to make the right choices in both managing existing portfolios and building brand new growth plans.

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