Building With Data

CityStream Solutions was founded in 2018 to elevate planning solutions by harnessing the power of data. We are Big Data experts in GIS and spatial analytics, financial modeling and analysis, urban planning and transit-oriented development (TOD), and economic/demographic projections. Our professionals can answer your most complex questions and support your best decision-making – we will be your instant data science team without the time, costs, and risks of recruiting.


Market-based land use projections for transit infrastructure creation


Market research and portfolio optimization for developers and investors


Omnichannel strategy, site selection and portfolio management

Government and Transit

CityStream’s urban planning strategies advise municipalities and transit agencies on ways to leverage the real estate market. Our unique approach shows that increasing ridership, accelerating economic development, and incentivizing the real estate industry to make positive contributions to the built environment can all work together to increase quality of life and sense of place.

Our market demand and real estate development forecasts demonstrate how the private market responds to new transit services and stations to generate better quality of life and increase land value (and corresponding property tax revenues). We work diligently to find the zoning and land use policies, partnership arrangements, tax increment finance agreements, and capital structures that maximize return and mitigate risk. We align project design, financial partnerships, and value-capture policies to benefit all stakeholders—including the public—in transit-oriented development.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE)

CityStream focuses on mining insights from the most relevant data to give our CRE clients guidance in smart decision-making. Algorithmic acquisition strategies identify markets and neighborhoods that are about to heat up. Our public sector, real estate, and retail industry reports increase the speed and efficiency of the decision-making process, making it easier to move quickly on fast-moving opportunities. Use those together with our comparative analysis of historical market liquidity and cap rate cycles to diversify portfolio risk. We also construct and conduct customized market research studies, targeting specific developer and investor questions.

Retail Real Estate Networks

Retail is going through a time of intense disruption and rapid transition. CityStream data analysis delivers objective strategies to streamline current real estate portfolios, remain competitive, and locate growth opportunities. Omnichannel customer analyses help retailers turn their stores into hybrid-distribution hubs, putting inventory in a geographic distribution to compete and succeed on 1-day and 2-day delivery. Network resilience models show how companies can keep delivering necessities even while unpredictable events suddenly change everything. Customer predictive analytics show the C-suite where the best opportunities for new sales are located, demonstrating that objective, data-driven methods guide initiatives to expand the brand’s physical and mental presence.

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CityStream maintains an unyielding commitment to cost efficiency and optimizing asset performance for all clients.